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Yes, we are back, as promised – by popular demand! Following fantastic feedback after our spring series,  our free webinars return on September 20th, which is a Wednesday, at 20:30. They will be as engaging and practical as it gets, and will feature a range of enthusiastic teachers, passionate about sharing their classroom ideas with you! More info very soon – stay tuned! All details just a click away.

Have you ever wondered how those great exercises, activities, articles and blog posts are written? Where do these ideas and sources of texts come from? How should they be edited to look great on a printed page or on-line? Enter our new flagship course! ELT Author Academy will let you learn from best-selling authors – Polish and international, and from fantastic editors, linked to key publishers. Totally innovative, completely unmissable! We are starting on November 4th – all details here - registration already open!

Innovation is all the rage these days, on-line and off-line. And with it a new source of pressure on the language teacher, to stay up-to-date at all costs, which is advertised as just about the only way to stay attractive to your learners. But is this truly so? Should we all run after every new app or website and forever seek out novel, fun activities? Which innovations are not actually worth our time and effort? And above all, where are our real priorities? This is what this super-intensive conference is all about. See you all in Warsaw on Sunday October 22nd. All details just a click away.


Teacher Level MASTER


Registration for TEACHER LEVEL MASTER is officially on!


Mark the date in your calendar

Sunday 22nd of October

as you surely do not want to miss it!

But first, grab a cup of coffee and and dive into our website section about this truly unmissable teacher training event of 2017 for devoted and caring 21st century language teachers event!

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If you can't make it to Warsaw in person, do not worry!
You can choose a full on-line streaming option and learn how to reach level Master in your teaching straight from your sofa! 




Zapraszamy nauczycieli wszystkich języków obcych na cykl darmowych webinarów:


W tym semestrze spotykamy się w środy o godzinie 20:30.

Najbliższe webinarium już 18 października!

Edyta Socha w sesji "Opowiedz to jeszcze raz!" nauczy nas jak:

- jak wykorzystać storytelling w uczeniu wszystkich aspektów języka i budowaniu relacji

- jak tworzyć i adaptować historie do celów edukacyjnych

- jak doskonalić się w opowiadaniu historii.




 Link do rejestracji: https://tta3.clickmeeting.pl/dos_na_wynos_edyta_socha/register





Nagrania wszystkich webinarów dostępne na naszym kanale na youtube: http://bit.ly/2peyjZq

TTA graduates in action!

The 26th IATEFL Poland Conference in Bielsko-Biała

Check out the IATEFL workshops developed by graduates of DOS-ELTea Teacher Trainer Academy. Join us to experience these hands-on sessions, packed with innovative ideas!


Friday (15.09.2017)

Storytelling - how to use stories in the elt classroom 
by Edyta Socha

Can they ESCAPE the class ROOM? - critical and creative thinking
made workable in your teenage classroom
by Magdalena Kania

Context as Pretext in a Teenage Language Circus
by Michał Zboś
Saturday (16.09.2017)
Heads-up Activities - a Truly Engaging Alternative to Heads-Down Coursebook Practice
by Magdalena Skoroś
An Ace Up Your Sleeve - Embracing Board Games for ELT
by Agnieszka Anioła
Move them with a Movie
by Agnieszka Sękiewicz-Magoń


Time-saving visual ideas for learner motivation & collaboration 
by Izabela Gwinner-Stwora